Professional Forklift Operator Safety Training and Certification
  • Improperly trained forklift operators can kill your bottom line. Formal forklift safety training is not just good practice, it is required by law.

  • The needless loss of life, employee injury, product and building damage are often caused by forklift operators who have not received adequate training.

  • Because these place such a heavy toll on a company’s financial and human resources, businesses themselves are taking control by upgrading to a higher quality forklift safety training program.

  • We are committed to supporting these businesses in meeting their safety goals by providing exceptionally reasonable rates for forklift safety training courses that can be used as the Gold Standard in the industry.

When it’s time to train your operators, you can trust Lift Truck Safety Training Centre to help you protect your people, products and profits. We invite you to Learn more
Forklift Accident/Incident Investigation Services.
  • We understand the importance of a proper investigation. You need an accurate picture of what really happened. You also need an investigation report for Occupational Health and Safety. But you may not have the resources to fulfill your obligations under the legislation.

  • We can help you. Our qualified investigators perform the investigation into the event and prepare the investigation report for you.

We will make this critical job easy for you. Learn more
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